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Power PDF Advance 2

The new Power PDF Advanced 2 takes PDF creation and management to the next level. With a host of new features that make document publishing and collaboration easier than ever, it is the only PDF software your business will ever need. Power PDF Advanced has always offered great features and excellent value for money. That tradition continues with Power PDF Advanced 2. This latest upgrade incorporates improved usability for everyone and special features for Windows 10 users. Because you need the ultimate flexibility, Power PDF Advanced 2 integrates with all the products you use every day including Outlook, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox for one-touch PDF creation. When you need to do more, Power PDF Advanced has enhanced search features, supports complex PDF forms and has better tag editing than ever before. Cloud storage is seamlessly integrated too. These are just a few of the highlights of the all new, updated Power PDF Advanced, the smart, affordable PDF application for serious business needs.

The Conversion Conundrum - Article 121 (1) & (1A) of The Federal Constitution

“Attempts to find an everlasting solution to perennial problems emanating from conversion of one spouse and the children of the marriage, cannot be suspended but continued. There has to be a final solution to this continuing conflict arising from Article 121(1), (1A) and the various State Enactments which do not serve anyone, but is a source of unending mental stress and torment to non-converting spouses and young children”.


K. Siladass.

MyCase Law

MyCase Law provides its users with a valuable research tool to access current reported Malaysian cases. It seeks to be the first point of reference for developing Malaysian case law and legislation as well as the key to the application of the law in new cases. This electronic product opens a new chapter for legal research in Malaysia.


It's user friendly and above all it’s the most comprehensive Case Citator in Malaysia that encompasses ALL reported cases from Malayan Law Journal (MLJ), Current Law Journal (CLJ), and All Malaysia Reports (AMR). MyCase law is packed with essential information tailored for lawyers, judicial officers, academicians as well law students. It is an indispensable guide for being the foremost electronic case law citator in Malaysia.

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