About MyCase Law

MyCase Law provides its users with a valuable research tool to access current reported Malaysian cases. It seeks to be the first point of reference for developing Malaysian case law and legislation as well as the key to the application of the law in new cases. This electronic product opens a new chapter for legal research in Malaysia. Its user friendly and above all it’s the most comprehensive Case Citator in Malaysia that encompasses ALL reported cases from Malayan Law Journal (MLJ) Current Law Journal (CLJ)and All Malaysia Reports (AMR).

Product Components

Case Citator

The case citator is a useful reference which will indicate how cases, local and foreign, are applied by new reported court decisions. It lists the cases followed, not followed, distinguished and overruled by reported decisions.

Legislation Citator

The legislation citator is a valuable tool which acts as a signpost to decisions which have considered particular statutory provisions.

Search Results

This area displays the search results based on the query.


Details of cases citing this decision and cited by this decision.

It also provides searches to be made either by subject, judge or court amongst the key search functions. The MyCase law is packed with essential information for all lawyers, judicial officers, as well as lecturers and students of law. It is certainly an indispensable guide to current legal developments in Malaysia that should be the foremost electronic case law citator.

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